We will always be a work in progress

In February 2022, B Morrow Productions participated in a pilot Management Training Program through Big Break Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to shattering systemic barriers within the Location-Based Experience Industry.

During this intensive, two-day workshop, members of the BMP Team learned how they can champion Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA). Despite being an already-diverse and accepting organization, the workshop became the genesis for a new level of IDEA awareness and action.

Diversity Hiring Orlando

Prior to the Big Break Foundation workshop, BMP was already making strides towards being a diverse and accepting studio:
  • Over half of our team was female-identifying
  • The LGBTQIA+ community was well-represented by our team
  • We contributed to diverse charitable causes
  • Our designers were committed to accessible design outputs, keeping in line with ADA Code
With the help of the Big Break Foundation, we identified several key areas of potential growth:
  • Providing accommodations/ resources for those with mental health needs
  • Improving our outreach efforts to hire a more diverse staff
  • Seeking the help of experts when taking on projects with unique/ specific cultural themes
  • Going above and beyond in the category of accessibility (adding captions to social media postings, etc)

Like anything else worth pursuing, IDEA initiatives require practice and intentionality.

As we have navigated the last year, one thing has become apparent: we will always be a work in progress. Despite our most earnest efforts, there will always be room for growth, education, and improvement. Rather than getting discouraged or pretending to be perfect, the BMP Team has embraced a realistic mindset when it comes to progress on our IDEA initiatives.

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The Studio for All Initiative

One of the biggest things to emerge from our introspective efforts with Big Break Foundation is the “Studio for All” Initiative.


Our IDEA Strategic Plan

As a Studio For All, the B Morrow Productions team has committed to establishing an Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility Strategic Plan.

This plan will guide us over the coming years as we endeavor to become thought-leaders and living examples for IDEA-based Design Processes. The strategic plan is a living document; it will shift and change with us on our journey.


The Plan


Vision Statement

IDEA Vision Statement:

Our vision is for the world to be designed and built as it is meant to be for all people, starting with the “Studio For All” Initiative

Mission Statement

IDEA Mission Statement:

At BMP we challenge the status quo with our team of creatives that turn sparks of imagination into tangible experiences. We will be the catalysts of diversity and inclusion in location-based experiences and focus on the people involved to create the most incredible product.


IDEA Values:

  • Diversity
  • Inclusion – including collaboration and learning experiences
  • People Centric Design
  • Transparency
  • Empathy/Compassion
  • Empowerment


Our Moonshot Goal:

Be the IDEA Leaders in the industry with a shareable IDEA design system that attracts clients for diverse projects.

We believe that the path to truly becoming a Studio for All requires transparency. We will make mistakes, we will get distracted… by revealing our goals in such a public forum, we hope to create accountability and perhaps to inspire others to loudly and proudly proclaim their own IDEA Goals!

Diversity Hiring Orlando

Goal #1

Become subject matter experts in IDEA

Diversity Hiring Orlando

Goal #2

Become an IDEA Resource for the themed entertainment industry

Diversity Hiring Orlando

Goal #3

Diversify our Workforce

Goal #4

Grow our Supplier Diversity